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The Tae Kwon Do philosophy emphasizes good health, happiness, generosity and a sense of value of freedom, justice and peace. All of these inspire both independence and coexistence. Tae Kwon Do is an art of humanity.

Benefits of TaeKwonDo

Develop a strong body by learning to execute the physical movements


Obtain life skills including: respect, discipline, perseverance and spirit!


Develop a focus on concentration through setting and achieving goals

  • Stretch and warm-up

  • Basic Training Technique

  • Patterns / Movements

  • Self-defense

  • Sparring

  • Tournament Training

General Class Structure
Belt Progression
How to Tie a Belt


Step 1: Start by placing belt behind you with both ends facing forward.

Step 2: Begin to wrap belt around body.

Step 3: Wrap belt around body twice stoping when both ends are in front.

Step 4: Lay the end that started in front of you under the end that was wrapped around.

Step 5: Take wrapped around end and tuck under belt coming up.

Step 6: Pull both ends apart from eachother to tighten belt.

Step 7: Place end facing up down over belt.

Step 8: Place original end pointing down and flip up.

Step 9: Wrap end from step 8 through belts.

Step 10: Pull both ends apart to tighten.

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